Porsche Taycan Y1A - Leasingvergleich

Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan Y1A

Vehicle overview


300 KW (408 PS)




0 km

Leasing factor



ca. 2,5 Monate


Of course, air conditioning is a must for comfortable journeys. Here, even an automatic air conditioning system is installed, i.e. the air volume and temperature is automatically adjusted to the interior temperature, while a simple air conditioning system has to be operated manually. The integrated distance cruise control ensures both safe and relaxed travel by automatically maintaining both the speed and the distance to the vehicle in front. In unclear parking situations, the built-in rear view camera helps to avoid accidents. The integrated lane departure warning system helps the driver stay on the lane. The vehicle has electronics and assistants that make parking automatic, i.e. self-steering, if desired. Parking sensors are installed in the front and rear, and also on the sides. A rear-view camera is installed, which automatically displays the image in the infotainment system when reversing. The integrated 360-degree camera can also help you move forward on rough terrain and avoid damage.

  • elektr. Fensterheber

  • elektr. Sitze

  • Klimaautomatik

  • Tempomat

  • Standheizung

  • Alufelgen

  • Isofix

  • ABS

  • Fahrer-Airbag

  • Beifahrer-Airbag

  • ESP

  • Einparkhilfe hinten

  • Einparkhilfe vorne

  • Notbremsassistent

  • Spurhalteassistent

  • LED Scheinwerfer

  • LED Tagfahrlicht

  • Reifendruckkontrollsystem

  • Einparkhilfe

  • ASR

  • Bordcomputer

  • Multifunktionslenkrad

  • Navigationssystem

  • Bluetooth

  • Soundsystem

  • Sprachsteuerung

Leasing conditions


monthly 1.137,38 €

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Leasing details

Monthly costs

Rate (large):
1.137,38 €
Rate (net):
955,46 €

One time costs

Down payment:
0,00 €
Transfer costs:
1.490,00 €
Down payment:
190,00 €

General data

Gross list price:
83.520,00 €
Total lease amount:
42.625,68 €

Price development

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