Opel Crossland 1.Generation 1.2 Business Edition - Towing vehicle

Is a Opel Crossland 1.Generation 1.2 Business Edition a good towing vehicle?

Opel Crossland 1.Generation  1.2 Business Edition

Can the Opel Crossland also be used as a towing vehicle? In order to answer this issue the motor vehicle must be considered from all points of view, such as whether a trailer hitch (AHK) is available at all, the torque, and the maximum towing capacity.

If you look at the maximum towing capacity of this Automobiles of 650 kg, it quickly becomes clear - you can't tow much more than a small trailer or an ultra-light caravan with it.
torque affects the Opel Crossland how much the trailer load affects acceleration. With 118 Nm, it does not have much torque. If you charge a lot, you have to be patient during acceleration.

However, this deal does not yet include trailer hitch and must be additionally ordered.

Evaluation - is the Opel Crossland suitable as a towing vehicle?: The motor vehicle can only tow a maximum of 650 kg and has a torque of only 118 Nm. To the hardware store and back is no problem, but you should not try to cross the Alps with a caravan. However, this particular offer is an immediately available vehicle that does not have a trailer hitch installed. It is therefore not suitable for use in trailer operation. However, this automobile may be available as an order vehicle with trailer hitch, so be sure to also check new vehicle offers on our website.


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