Opel Crossland 1.Generation 1.2 Business Edition - Long-range vehicle

Is a Opel Crossland 1.Generation 1.2 Business Edition a long-distance vehicle?

Opel Crossland 1.Generation  1.2 Business Edition

Whether you can cover long distances with the Opel Crossland? If one asks the question whether this motor vehicle is also suitable for longer distances, one has to consider different aspects, comfort, tank volume, top speed...

The tank capacity (45 liters) is rather average in size, but in conjunction with the good average consumption (4.6 liters / 100km), you can sometimes cover very long ranges with the Opel Crossland. An important criterion for frequent drivers: the top speed. This is 170 km/h and is thus quite suitable for long distances if you don't want to permanently stay above the 200 mark. At least as important on long journeys is the comfort and interior space. With a length of 4217 mm, the car ranks among the compacts. Depending on the equipment, you will find quite comfortable companions in a Opel Crossland.

The integrated distance cruise control ensures both safe and relaxed travel by automatically maintaining both the speed and the distance to the vehicle in front. Of course, air conditioning is a must for comfortable journeys. Here, even an automatic air conditioning system is installed, i.e. the air volume and temperature is automatically adjusted to the interior temperature, while a simple air conditioning system has to be operated manually. The integrated lane departure warning system helps the driver stay on the lane.

The Opel Crossland achieves decent ranges thanks to its moderate average consumption, but as a compact-class vehicle it is often deprived of comfort features such as comfortable seats suitable for long journeys and appropriate noise insulation. Be sure to check possible additional options. Therefore, a limited recommendation for frequent drivers.


Vehicle length

4217 mm

Maximum speed

170 km/h